What You Don’t See Says a Lot

By Mark Carrell, Regional Director of Property Management, Arcadia Management Group

Arcadia Management Group pays as much attention to the building spaces you see every day as we do to the spaces you may never see – including our machine rooms and support areas.

These areas are the hub of our housekeeping process and home to the equipment that powers AMG-managed properties at peak efficiency. Our maintenance engineers understand this, and take exceptional pride in both the appearance of their work areas and the condition of their equipment.

That leads to best-in-class results, including:

  • A Safer Workplace – Well-lit, clear equipment areas with caution yellow perimeters and clean floors with no slipping or tripping hazards.
  • Superior Maintenance on Pumps and Machines – Clean equipment and equipment-area flooring that clearly shows early signs of leaks, spills and other indications of equipment malfunction or pending failure.
  • Well-Functioning Buildings – Exceptionally maintained machines that ensure our buildings run at optimal efficiency, with the potential to directly impact and reduce operational costs.
  • Ongoing Cleanliness – Machine rooms and other building support rooms with sealed floors, making them easier to dust mop and wet mop. Because clean-up is easier, it is also more likely to happen.
  • Property Value – Spaces that reflect the highest level of housekeeping and maintenance to prospective purchasers, promoting a positive opinion of the overall property, potentially higher sale price and more successful outcome for the selling owner.

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