Is Your Roof Summer Storm Ready?

Nothing ruins a great summer night like a massive roof leak… or even collapse… at your building! With the Summer storm season in full swing, there’s no time like the present to re-familiarize yourself with your building’s roof to make sure it’s in top shape to weather the weather.

Our Arcadia Management Group property teams visit building rooftops once every month during regular property inspections, but we step up our game early in the Summer season. At this time, we work with industry experts to complete a more in-depth roof inspection so that seasonal repairs can be identified and completed before summer storms roll in. Here are just some of the key items we look for…

On the Roof

Standing Water

Dirt and Debris

Clogged Drains

Blistering or Buckling



Door Sealing, Latching and Locking

Damaged or Leaking Skylights

Damage to Flashing (Including Asbestos Escape)

Leaking Coolers

HVAC Connections and Condensation

Bird Issues

On Building Interiors & Exteriors

Stained Ceiling Tiles

Rust in Steel Ducts

Wall Cracks

Downspouts, Scupper Heads and Gutters

Walkway Damage (From Erosion)

Early Summer is also a great time to closely inspect a building’s exterior landscape, paying particular attention to top-heavy trees that should be trimmed to ensure they don’t fall in heavy winds.

Want to learn more about how Arcadia Management Group can keep your building in top shape during every season? Contact us anytime to discuss your property management needs.